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Rmake Case Study Page

We have create the knowledge and experience from us in this printing industry for your knowledge study and taken for reference before you have made any printing order.

If you are looking for Finish Knowledge click here for "Finishing Page"

What Is Offset Printing
The process will be go through Old Style - "Preprint File Review - Film - Plate - Printing - Finishing if yes - New Style - Packaging" OR "Preprint File Preview - Plate (CTP) - Printing - Finishing if yes - Packaging".

Is used some of the Paper Materials, Paper Size, Large Quantity which digital printer are not acceptable.

The offset color is much nice and quality than digital printing, even today digital color have been improve much more. But at the end, they color printed out still MUCH VARY DIFFERENT even used the same paper materials.

Offset will be handle the large quantity volume for printing for cut down the print costing.

Taken time (working days) to finalized all printing work.

What Is Digital Printing
The process will direct process for "Preprint File Preview - Soft Computing - Printing - Finishing if yes - Packaging".

For small quantity printing which offset machine are not acceptable.

The digital color printing is looking nice, and sharp. But if you want more classic and high classes then please used Offset Printing Machine.

More faster job done, which you are not need to wait more than 1 half working days.

Online Vs Offline Printing Order
The online printer used the Computerized System to controlling all the "Quotation, Confirmation Order, Upload Artwork For Confirmation, eNotice Status Message, Fixed Delivery Schedule Table, Quantity On Each Item etc", and also will not provided any Artwork Design Service, if you are request they design the artwork for you, then the pricing adding total amount will be more super expensive than "1 Package - Outdoor Service, Design, Checking, Printing, Delivery" at local printing.

Which mean the Online Printing Price can be cheapest than Offline Printing is because the company cutting down a lot costs which they are not need to spend more money on Time Servicing, Human Follow Up Service, Artwork Edit Job etc...

But Online Printing is sometime very dangerous because after printed out is much different from what customer they are requested for. This is because most error images are forgot convert, not in safe zone edge, not much knowledge on what Pantone vs CMYK (4 Color) vs 5 or 6 Color Printing, Confuse on "Preprint Preview vs Hard Copy Sample" with material on printed it.

The online printing industry is cover some offline printer cannot make it, until today Malaysia Market for Online Printing Ordering are still very large and big potential to explorer and developed.

Artwork File Should Know
Now day at Malaysia, all the Process Company / Department (preparation for printing job / business, such as Plate etc) are prefer to used .PDF file as finalized. Which mean you must convert your "Original Artwork File" to .PDF file for printing process.

But still some of company are using the ".Ai - Adobe Illustrator, or .CDR - Corel Draw" file for processing. But they are need to taken hard working time, and the result are not so good, so most the printer are prefer for ".PDF" file, since it is ready for finalized printing.

Artwork Knowledge Should Know
Here is most important thing, every "text" and "drawing box" must be "Create Outline" before you prepared for Printing Process File for your Printer.

And print out your Pre Print Preview at A4 Paper, and together with your soft copy passing to them.

Make Sure your Preprint is printing from your "Printing Process File".

All the images must be convert them from "RGB" to "CMYK", strictly, each picture must be do converting.

Artwork Preparation Should Know
And make sure your Preprint also have printed out with "Crop Mark" for your printer preview for safe edge cutting.

If your client want to follow the color and style from the "Existing Hard Copy Sample" then you should mention to your Printer to follow the existing hard copy color.

If your client are acceptable for your "Printer Preprint Preview File" color, then you should do not pass the hard copy sample to your printer to make them confuse.

Make sure you have tell well to your client what is different "Existing Hard Copy Sample" and "Preprint Preview Sample", they are much different, most affected is Coloring on printed at different paper materials.

Artwork Designing vs Artwork Finalized
The different for this both is, the front is the software you used to design anything for your customer request, and the finalized is the software your should prepare for your PRINTER for printing process file.

Normally, is the design software you are used such as Adobe Illustrator - .ai file, and finalized it should be CONVERTED it to .PDF file for printing process.

Controlling On Printing Process
Many Online Printer are trying to hidden and make confusing to clients about the "printing process" and "delivery process" schedule.

The Printing process is mean that from the day and time you submit the Ready Done File to proceeds for printing, and they will go through "Film - Plate - Printing - Finishing / Packaging " or "Plate (CTP) - Printing - Finishing / Packaging". This normally is taken from 1 to 2 working day for all finalized, but still depending on printing color demanding quality, quantity and how much the finishing job should be do before do packaging. Apply for all kind of offset printing items, except plastic materials.

If your "Ready Artwork File" is not accepting by "Processing Department - to process your artwork for preparation for printing", then this will taken much time to correct it and return back to process department, and from here sometime, the printer and customer will being argument.

Scheduling On Delivery
Now day, all the printer will be set they printing process and delivery working days for each different printing items and come with vary different quantity.

Most the manufacturer will be working as 7 working days and 24 hours to fulfilled the highest demanding from market. But all of this, they are not guarantee on any natural accident such as Electric Power Stop, Machine Jam Up etc.

The delivery day normally will be taken from 1 to 3 working days depending on which state and city and area you are living at Malaysia Nationwide, which after the printing process working days

Normal Order vs Rush Order
For Normal Order printing process and delivery day normally will be taken from 3 to 4 working days, but as opposite, if you are looking for urgent printing order, you must consider as Rush Order, it just taken 1 working day for printing process and for delivery destination.

Rush Order Condition
- Rush Order is Price is extra charge from 30%-45% of total normal order amount.

- The printing artwork file should be well done for printing process.

- Before 10am should be submit your cash / current cheque payment and working file for same day delivery.

- Or tomorrow early delivery, then today before 3pm the file, payment should be valid and submit all.

- Cannot be too large quantity, complicated finishing after printing, more than 4 color printing or solid (pantone) printing.

- Normally work for Prepaid Payment Client, Well Known Customer.

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