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Rmake Frequently Ask Question (FAQ) Page

We try provided the more question and answer at our blog, so we all can save a lot time. All the general problem and solution you can be founded at here.

We only providing the solution at here which related to our system running.

1.) Can I Request Your Official For Outdoor Service?
Yes, you can request us anytime at working day. But you are not allow to used our Online Pricing to compared with Local Outdoor Pricing. If you want save the money and well done on artwork design, just used Online Printing Ordering.

2.) Can I Negotiable With Payment Terms?
No, all the pricing we are fixed and this will save a lot of times all of us. Except your printing quantity is larger than we listed at here, but our Payment terms also running by 70% before print and 30% on Delivery

3.) Do Rmake Provided Other Online Program Service?
Yes, go to our "1 Business Card Advertisement" for more information


1.) What The File Type You Are Used On Finalize Processing?
No matter which design software you are used. We want you to convert them to finalized file type is ".PDF". We also not do any converting artwork service. Please do all yourself, and you can get the guideline how converting are done by here.

2.) Does Rmake Provided Artwork Proof Checking Before Process Printing?
No, we do not do any double checking service for your artwork content proof. Please double check yourself, we just Print what you sending to us.

We will only verify whether you are used our Artwork Template, If not we will notice you.

3.) Rmake Have Offer Artwork Design Services?
No, Rmake do not provided any artwork design service. You can contact the third party designer, as long as they must follow our template guideline to do your design.

Or, we are recommend you contact this outsource Designer - Ric. (Rmake do not taken any responsibility of you and him business due)

Rmake are just do your Printing only.

4.) How Do I Send The Artwork?
For the moment, all the artwork file must be zip and attachment then send to "" with subject "my artwork". Please states your Company Name, Contact Name, Phone Number on your email content

5.) Can I Change My Artwork Again After Sending Artwork File?
If before you do any payment, you still have the chance to changing the artwork design, then resend to us again and subject at email is "redesign".

If after you have done the payment to us, you are not allowed request to change artwork design again, please decided and double check your artwork carefully before do any payment to us.

6.) Where Can I Found Your Artwork Template Guideline?
You can go there Download Page to choose which template you are looking for. And we recommended you taken time to study our "Knowledge Page" before do any artwork design.

7.) Will The Color Of My Printed Product Match 100% To The Original Color Of My Artwork?
No, we do not give you 100% plus know fact within the printing industry that hundred percent of process color accuracy is not presently possible with the current printing technology.

If your printing item is Single Color, Pantone Color, or 5 Color Above, we are not recommended you used Online Printing Ordering. Instead used the Local Outdoor Service for better result.

8.) Can I Used Rmake To Do Any Printing Design As I Want?
Yes you can, as long as what the design on your printing are not conflict with the Malaysian & International printing and publication law. Rmake do not printed the job that contains offensive literature or images, politically, religiously, racially, sensitive, sex, adult.

And Rmake will not taken any responsible for any infringement of artwork content, and printing purpose used at your hand.

9.) What Is RGB & CMYK For My Picture Insert At Artwork Design Content?
Please click here to read more at knowledge page. Make sure all your images are converting to CMYK mode before sending us your artwork. We do not handle any responsibility of RGB printing come out.

1.) What Printing Type Rmake Provided?
We providing the low until high quantity of any printing items which supported by Digital & Offset printing.

2.) What Kind Of Printing Items You Have Providing?
We have list out all the Printing Product at this page, you can check it out time to time.

3.) Do Have Any Printing Finishing Your Company Provided?
We have list out all the Finishing on this page, you can visit there for more information each of them.

4.) What Is Printing Process?
You need follow our "Process Order Structure" to avoid any mistake and hard of work.

Step 1 : Check Printing Item's - Check Finishing Item's - Download & Used Our Artwork Guideline Template - Do Your Own Artwork Design

Step 2 : Sending Your Artwork Design File To Here By .PDF File Type "" - We Will Notify You By Email, SMS, Phone Whether Your File Are Acceptable - Please Correct Your Artwork Error If Have And Do Resend

Step 3 : If You Artwork Is Acceptable - Please Make Full Valid Amount Payment (exactly amount, we do not do any re-changed money) By Maybank Local Cash Machine / Counter, or By Paypal.

Step 4 : Relax, we will do all for you, and you just waiting to receive your goods. All statement will be sending by Email, and Post by original hard copy.

Or you can read more with diagram at this "How Work" Page.

5.) Can I Special Request For My Own Printing Custom For Quantity And Finishing?
Yes, please used our contact us form at contact us page.

1.) Will I Have To Pay Extra Charge On Delivery Of My Printing Goods?
No, we are given the FREE OF CHARGE of your delivery goods to any registered and valid resident address in Malaysia Nationwide.

We will only charge if the address sending are at Oversea, and the pricing we will notify you by email and you must to paid us before we start process your delivery goods.

2.) What Courier Company You Are Used?
We are used "Air Pack", they are cover the whole Malaysia and International Market. At Airpack, you can check your delivery consignment number at they website, and the number will be sending to your by email and also printed attach at your statement by posting.

3.) When You Start Deliver My Goods?
Please check each Printing Items By Name for each other process and delivery duration. You can go Product Page to find out which printing items you are looking for.

4.) How Long It Take To Arrive At My Destination?
It depend on our Courier Service Company schedule. We will only provided our part system of Process & Delivery Duration.

Anywhere you can check your Consignment Number anytime at they website click here.

5.) Which State And Country Your Courier Service Cover?
The resident Malaysian Nationwide, and if you are from oversea, please make sure which printing you are looking for, and tell us at email "" and we will notify you by email whether we support for the country you are staying.

6.) Can I Collect My Order At Your Factory Or Office?
Yes, please tell us at email or by phone once you make the payment of your printing goods.

7.) Can Rmake Guarantee On Time Delivery Service Of My Goods Order?
We are committed to the timely delivery of goods you are order from us, but we cannot guarantee yo 100% punctuality due to factors such as Weather, Emergencies, and the Efficiency of the courier service we used.

8.) What Should I Do If I Don't Receive My Order On Time?
By first, you can check out our courier service company AirPack at they this page, enter your consignment number to see the status update from them. If you still have question, direct call they number (For Malaysia Nationwide, For International ).

If you still have question and problem, call us by this phone number, and our official will follow up for you.

Payment & Statement

1.) How Do I Make Payment For My Order
For Malaysia Nationwide, you can used the Maybank Cash Deposit Machine or by Counter Payment.

Bank Name : Maybank
Bank Account Holder : Tan Chow Loong
Bank Account Number :

Option 1 : After Bank In, please write down your Company Name, Contact Person, Phone Number at Bank Slip and Fax To This Number

Option 2 : You can scanning the bank in slip, and attachment at email and send us to "" with subject "Payment", and please type your Company Name, Contact Person, Phone Number at email content.

For International, please used the paypal service as below to do your Internet Payment.

After we have verify your payment is from your, we will start to process your work, or not will be set as PENDING at your order.

2.) Can I Canceled My Order After I Bank In Payment?
No, please decided carefully before do any payment to us. Because we need to receive your Artwork first, then 2nd is Payment, So if you canceled, we will strictly the payment as our Management Fees.

3.) Can I Request Refund My Printing Payment After Printing?
No, even your print produce is not match to your design, you are not allow request for refund or reprint without any payment again. Please refer to artwork terms and condition.

4.) Why I Receive My Order Is Pending Status?
Either your artwork file is not acceptable by us, or your payment still not valid clear or the bank in slip details you send to us are not authorized verify with our Bank Account.

We will notify you with Status Details. Please check carefully for your artwork file with our guideline, and make sure your payment are valid and clear and matching printing amount.

5.) Can I Receive Your Company Official Invoice After Printing Done?
Yes, we will do my post with original copy of sales invoice or cash sales for every printing you are order from us. The statement will be post out after your printing are done and on delivery, or together with your printing item sending post.

Online Account
1.) Do Rmake Providing the Online Account as other Online Printer Competitor.
Thank for interesting for our service, at the moment our Online Computerized Printing System still on developed, we will full official announced at our Blog, Site, Website and Social when it completed.

Reseller, Leader, Agent Program
1.) Do Rmake Provided Any Agent etc Program At This Online Printing System?
No for the moment, but we will notice each other once our Official Website come with Database are fully developed and completely to running for this make money program.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.