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Monday, December 20, 2010

Rmake Merry Christmas 2010

Rmake - Merry Christmas And Season's Greetings.
Rmake Merry Christmas 2010

To All Royalty Client's Enjoy And Happy For Your 2010 Merry Christmas Day.

And Maximized Your Business On The Day...

Announcement Notice :

Rmake will closed on 24th, 25th December 2010 for holiday. Please plan your sales orders accordingly. All orders will be start process again on 27th December 2010.

Wishing you have a nice and wonderful Christmas and Happy on holidays.

Rmake Do On Design - Marketing - Quality - On Time. Provided For Online & Offline Printing Support Services.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

2011 Pocket Calendar Specification

Company/Personal Pocket Calendar To Your Customers, Suppliers, Friends, Family, And Social Friendship.

To Promote Your Business For Next Year 2011 At Pocket Calendar, Choose Your Own Artwork For Printed Out.

It is one of the Local Marketing Tools which can be easy distributed and low cost to promoting your business, promotion, service, product and other.

All the ordering for this 2011 Pocket Calendar will be stop accepted before 25th December 2010. Make sure you have done it before this due date.

Rmake 2011 Pocket Calendar Description and Specification

Job Title : 2011 Pocket Calendar

Printing Type : Offset Printing

Paper Material : Artcard 260gsm

Print Size : 89mm x 54mm || 54mm x 89mm

Print Side : Both side

Print Color : Single Color, Full Color (CMYK)

Standard Package : 2000pcs, 3000pcs, 4000pcs, 5000pcs, 6000pcs, 7000pcs, 8000pcs, 9000pcs, 10000pcs, and more are allowed

Standard Finishing : Matt Lamination On Both Side

Additional Finishing : Hot Stamping, Spot UV

File Format : .PDF only

Process Duration Day's :
3-4 working days without finishing,
5-6 working days with finishing

*** All the condition and offer will change time to time in this post (keep update). All the pricing please due with Rmake Official for appointment if you are order from local. If prefer online pricing please join with our Online Member System.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Online VS Offline Printing

Online VS Offline Printing Media, Who Will Wins On Within 5 Years On Printing Industry Market.

Save Time On Planning, Designing, Process, Production For Your Printing Of Online Printing System

The Online Printing Company will offer more cheapest price and time efficient solution which compare to Offline Printing Company.

Online Printing System (OPS) is fast growing on Malaysia Market, and usually other country have been running more than 10 years in Internet Market for Online Printing Ordering.

Businessman, SOHO, Marketer
are looking for more cheapest and flexible printing ordering and system of the process. Online printing will SAVE your staff for more time to asking for comparison pricing, new quote for new item's, following calling for sales person etc.

There are no WHICH BEST on both of them, you are recommended for two way to do comparison on which Printed Item's you are looking for and quality demanding.

There have Advantage and Disadvantage for Online Printing
1.) Advantage
* Not need for outdoor service sales person

* Save time and more convenience

* Cut down higher costing for your printing item's

* Fastest ordering process

* OPS provided more flexible time for finalized confirmation order

* Easy to check up the new price coming up

* Instant quote your new printing item

* More FREE resource on Case Study, Knowledge, News, Promotion from Online Printer, which increase your personal or department knowledge base on Printing Order.

* FREE templates on Ready Artwork Design, Artwork Guideline File, Background or Art Template Graphics.

2.) Disadvantage
* Color maybe not match up what you are looking for produced goods

* Quantity are not over than quantity you order. No Extra

* Cost is down but some risk is increase

* Finishing is dangerous done on OPS

* Pantone or Single Color (especially Solid Printing) will not nearly to color you are looking for

* Need design yourself for Artwork Print, or out source for other designer

* When design is outsource it will increase on design fees

* The artwork file from outsource designer will not 100% compatible for the Online Printer you are ordering.

* Online Printing System are running for Prepaid Cash System

* Strictly not allow for canceled, reject-able and reprint for FREE request

* 100% RISK on design artwork part

When For Offline Printing Ordering Advantage & Disadvantage
* More confidence when your printing are Pantone, Single Color, and Solid Color Printing

* Get more understand between on Soft Copy Preview Artwork, Hard Copy Preview Artwork, and Existing Hard Copy Preview Sample. All this will effect for your new printing order quality

* The cost will be up but you are save and cut down all other risk which meet on Online Printing

* Most printing company will provided the Internal Designer for your Artwork Design, which mean you will more easy get what you are looking for your printing item

* Will take time for quote and re-quote again when the price are to comparison

* The Sales Person and Production will on realistic and on time to monitor your whole printing process

* Can negotiable for reprint for your printed item when the production come is out is not match or wrong

* The payment system can be 1 week, 30 days and so on

Wish You Success And Enjoy For Your Printing Ordering.

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