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Monday, November 29, 2010

Offset VS Digital Printing

10 years ago, Offset are not able to printed small quantity such as 2 Boxes Name Card, but why today are able to do it?

10 years ago, many printer say that Offset will be outdated within printing industry, but until 2010 years, they are still alive and again more high end technology are come out for market demanding. WHY?

What you need to know the difference between of Offset And Digital Printing.

There are not the best of printing type, is just which method are suited to your current needed and demand.

Used the below knowledge for your reference before decided for either one of them printing process type. The wrong decision maybe result for your unnecessary costing and management for distributed after printed.

Summaries Of Offset & Digital Machinery Process
1.) Offset - No question, they are most commonly used on High Volume Quantity printing. First the Artwork Soft File together with Proof Sample will be pass to the Film/Plate company to produce it onto a Plate (now day most are used CTP - Computer To Plate system, which mean no more FILM is process before plate). After all it will pass to Production for checking and process for Machine Printing.

2.) Digital - Is targeted on smaller volume printing, and they are just not need to process and plate for printing. The designer will arrange the soft copy of plate for whole printing (large paper, normally is A3 size paper), the printing process will be direct from COMPUTER to any Digital Printer Machine.

Offset & Digital Printing Features :
* Quantity : The more volume quantities increase for process, the higher unit quantity will be produced. The cost will be auto cut down, but if the volume and quantity are for smaller printed then DIGITAL printing are recommended.

* Flexible Printing : If you are looking for more paper materials, surface printed, unique size etc for printed out then offset printing is most suitable and flexible choice for you.

* Colouring : Offset colour printed are much selection and mixed up rather than just for four colour printing only, especially for single or two ink color solid printing. The digital only suitable for Four Color Printing when the volume and quantity are small.

* Matching Color : If your printing are looking for solid and highlight color printed such as Pantone Color, then offset printing are the best CHOICE for you to match it. The digital are less accurate for the matching color printing.

* Repeating : If that printed item's are frequently and highly repeat printing, the offset are not much match for you, instead used of Digital Printing to solve this problem. But it still depend on Quantity, Color and Matching Colouring.

* Artwork Proof : Now day, the are very less of customers still request the Artwork Colour Proof are done it by Proof System is because it will cost higher and very expensive, except that customer would like to paid it. Now most are used the Digital or Computer Printer to solve this problem.

* Instant Customization : Digital can giving the immediately solution for any request and demand from clients for their customization printing for artwork design, while the offset printing are for finalized it or it will take long time to process for special finishing and custom on it.

The Advantages Used One Of :
1.) Digital
* Small volume
* Fast Printing for delivery
* Solution of problem offset can't solve it on short time
* Cheapest for small volume printing.
* Instant printing, not need for Plate / Film Processing
* Flexible for any special customization size and finishing of such as Die Cutting.
* Instant of ARTWORK or COLOR Proof from Artwork Soft Copy.
* Instant Advertising Purpose, such as Banner / Bunting etc.

2.) Offset
* Higher Volume Printing
* Higher Images & Resolution Printing
* Consistent On Delivery Schedule
* More selection and choice of Color Printing
* Special Color are more accurate for Pantone for solid printing.
* The Very Low Costing for High Quantity Printing.
* Solve the problem that Digital are unable to do.
* Consistent on repeating with stable quantity ordering.
* Very fast for complete of Production Process compare to Digital.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Business Card 2010 Promotion

The special promotion for Rmake Modern Business Card, Order & Printed Before The Deadline.

All the printing for this Business Card will be process by Offset Printed.

[This article is only work and valid for Rmake Business Card Promotion At 2010 November Until 31th December only. Do not using this price for future asking.]

Promotion Code : BC2010ND
Business Card Categories : Modern
Printed Type : Offset Printing
Country : Malaysia only - East & West

This promotion package is available for above listed country only.

If you want to know more about Business Card Specification And Description Details By Offset Read Here

Rmake Business Card / Name Card 2010 End Of Year Promotion

Title : Business Card With Matt
Paper Materials: Artcard 230gsm,
Printed Size : 89mm x 54mm || 54mm x 89mm ONLY
Printed Side : Both Side
Printed Color : Full Color - CMYK
Finishing : Matt Lamination For Both Side
Condition & Pricing :
1.) Without Artwork Design (East & West Malaysia)
10 Boxes (1 Name) - RM100
20 Boxes (1 Name) - RM180
10 Boxes (2 - 5 Names) - RM150
20 Boxes (2 - 10 Names) - RM280

2.) With Artwork Design (This time is apply for city of Alor Star, Jitra for Kedah Darul Aman state only)
10 Boxes (1 Name) - RM140
20 Boxes (1 Name) - RM240
10 Boxes (2 - 5 Names) - RM190
20 Boxes (2 - 10 Names) - RM340

Title : Business Card With Matt & Spot UV
Paper Materials: Artcard 230gsm,
Printed Size : 89mm x 54mm || 54mm x 89mm ONLY
Printed Side : Both Side
Printed Color : Full Color - CMYK
Finishing : Matt Lamination For Both Side, Spot UV One Side
Condition & Pricing :
1.) Without Artwork Design (East & West Malaysia)
10 Boxes (1 Name) - RM170
20 Boxes (1 Name) - RM320
10 Boxes (2 - 5 Names) - RM220
20 Boxes (2 - 10 Names) - RM420

2.) With Artwork Design (This time is apply for city of Alor Star, Jitra for Kedah Darul Aman state only)
10 Boxes (1 Name) - RM210
20 Boxes (1 Name) - RM380
10 Boxes (2 - 5 Names) - RM260
20 Boxes (2 - 10 Names) - RM480

ATTENTION!!! Understand Artwork Condition. For who are provided the artwork design file. Please 100% meet the below requirement, do not asking the same question in email or message to me.
File Type : .CRW, .AI file

Create Outline : All Words, Line must be Create Outline before sending.

Name Card Size : 89mm x 54mm || 54 x 89mm is bleed size. do not nearly bleed size for your source of design OR over it.

Multiple Name : Please attach all the Name Holder at the same file. Make sure each Name Size can be printed on Name Holder Space on your Business Card.
Images File : All the images you inserted within your design must be change it from RGB to CMYK.

Colour : Make sure you understand yourself and agree what is different of RGB & CMYK before you do online process for printing.

Preview : Printed out from Normal Printer (Computer Printer) by yourself for REVIEW before do any online printing process.

Payment Process For "Without Artwork" Package
* All the payment must be fully as PREPAID before printing process.

* We only process your printing order once we receive your payment.

Whole Processing Structure For Without Artwork Package
* Sending your Artwork to "". Do not send SPAM MAILs.

* We will review it before asking you do payment. DO NOT do payment before your artwork are PASS for printed. We will notify shortly by email.

* We will asking you SENDING THE PAYMENT process in Email if your artwork is PASS and VALID for printing process.
[We are used Maybank, Paypal]. You will get the soft copy of Order Form only once your payment are fully valid and paid.

* We used process of printing and duration delivery is 5 Working Days for West Malaysia, and 7 to 9 Working Days for East Malaysia.
[we do not handle and responsible for any accidental by courier service provider of delivery date and time, and any loss of human and natural accident of they processing.]

* We will email your eStatement / eInvoice once we process for delivery of your business card.

** Finally, we recommended you join with our "Rmake Printing Solutions On Facebook Community", and ADD me as friend at my personal Facebook - Ric Ristianny Chow. Build up Online Social Friendship.

Whole Processing Structure For With Artwork Package
* You can contact me through above Facebook Link for communication and relationship.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rmake Money Packet 2011

This is apply only for Chinese Money Packet (Ang Pow) for coming year 2011.

Rmake Money Packets, in other word we also called it as "Ang Pow" is the Chinese Hokkien Language mean is good luck packet.

Money Packet is one of the advertising channels to the business to explore their brand and create awareness except for the purpose to hold the products. Some of the customers like to collect Money Pockets as a habit. Thus, well design and printed Money Pockets can create people interest in collection.

Rmake have provided two type of Money Packet, one is Template Ready Design all you do is just select the template code, and sending us your information want to inserted at Money Packet, and choose for finishing for Matt Lamination, Emboss etc.

Other is custom for your own Money Packet, you do the new design for your artwork, and send us the details of material and size and color etc, and we will quote the pricing for you.

Most they are also quite widely used in private celebrations weddings, birthdays etc, also will used by banks and insurance companies.

Rmake Chinese 2011 Money Packets / Ang Pow Description and Specification

Job Title : Money Packets 2011

Printing Type : Offset

Paper Material :
Art Paper 105gsm
Art Paper 128gsm
Art Paper 157gsm
Art Card 230gsm
Ivory Card 230gsm

Print Size : Can be used template or custom size
RMP1 : 115mm x 80mm
RMP2 : 155mm x 80mm

Custom Size Are Allowed

Print Side : Single Side (Outer)

Print Color : Single Color, Full Color (CMYK)

Standard Package : 1 pack 5 pcs
500pcs || 1000pcs Until 10,000pcs || 20,000pcs Until 100,000pcs || 200,000pcs || 300,000pcs || 400,000pcs || 500,000 Until 1 Million, 2 Million, 3 Million, 4 Million, 5 Million

Special Finishing :
Hot Stamping, Embossing, Punch Hole, Numbering, Perforation, Spot UV, Die Cutting, Gloss Lamination, Matt Lamination, Matt Lamination + Spot UV, Gluing (Machine), Folding

File Format : .PDF only

Process Duration Day's :
5-8 working days for small quantity less than 10,000pcs
Minimum 8-15 working days with huge quantity

*** All the condition and offer will change time to time in this post (keep update). All the pricing please due with Rmake Official for appointment if you are order from local. If prefer online pricing please join with our Online Member System.

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